Wetskirt in Carinthia, Austria

Height:6'3" - 191cm
Weight:210# - 95kg
Eye color:Blue
Hair color:Blond
Hair type:Wavy
Hair length:Shoulderblade length
Sexually attracted:Primarily to longhaired men
Primary sexual interest:  Cuddling.
Relationship status:Single

Born towards the end of the first half of the last century in an Austrian mountain village, got then a lot bigger, then older, what other changes? Check! Likes: watersports (all) winter swimming, biking, mountain climbing, camping, backpacking, cooking/eating, music, concerts, theaters, art, wood and metalwork, anything technical, bodily closeness, running around in skirts or tight jeans, swimming fully clothed, sharing body heat. Dislikes: peanut butter, ready made sauces, too much mayo on salads, having to stand in line, getting told how I ought to live, cutting hair, extremists of any direction, being forced to dance, painful practices. Languages: German, English, French, Spanish

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