Thump in Phoenix, Arizona

Height:6'1" - 185cm
Weight:250+# - 114+kg
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Black
Hair type:Wavy
Hair length:Mid-back
Sexually attracted:To men in general
Primary sexual interest:  versatile with Bottom preferences
Relationship status:Single

58 Y.O Longhaired Hispanic Male Looking for friends and other longhaired men (cause they are HOT) 3250 lbs furry chest Want to know anything? Love Music, movies, quiet times with someone special. love animals :) I love to make things (arts and crafts) World of Warcraft player. enjoy meditation. Wiccan. open to a relationship if it comes my way.
Non-smoker, rarely drink and not 420 friendly as I am the one person that Marijuana can kill. (very allergic)

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