Bob in Dallas, Texas

Height:6'1" - 185cm
Weight:230# - 105kg
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Black
Hair type:Wavy
Hair length:Mid-back
Sexually attracted:To men in general
To longhaired women
Primary sexual interest:  Versatile-Cuddling, Kissing, Hugging. Very Loving.
Relationship status:In an open relationship

33 Year Old Long-Haired Bearded Guy 6FT. 1IN. around 230lbs. seeks to meet other interesting individuals. I have a partner on here. His name is Bruce and he is a Mature Long-Haired Bearded Cowboy/Ex-Trucker. We prefer friends or friends with benefits. I was never one for Bathhouses, Craig's List Hook-Ups, or One-Night Stands. We are open to play together or separately. Both Of Us Quit Being Full-Time Smokers Since March 2012 and Smoke Very Very Light/Socially Meaning We Have A Cigar Or Cigarette, Or Electronic Cigarette Once in Awhile. We Will Never Be Full-Time Smokers Again. Its Like Eating High Calorie Food, Alcohol, And Such; Everything In Moderation. I am Very Affectionate, and Loving. I am known to be a big cuddler who loves to touch and be touched. Typical Guy who looks tough and hard to approach, but is very sweet once you get to know me.

Into masculine hairy type of Guys. The Guys that turn me on the most tend to be the Older Mature/DaddyBear types, Leathermen and Leatherbears, Bikers, or the Bears with Long-Hair and Long Beards. Facial Hair is a huge plus. Its what really catches my eye when looking at a man. Also likes the leather scene and have some kinks as well. Thus, meaning I like leather, bondage, S+M, Spanking, Oral, Penetration, Top Fister, and WaterSports on Occasion. I also Like Body Art Piercings, Tattoos, Cock Rings, and Other Body Jewelry. When it comes down to it though, there is no better feeling than being close to a furry bear critter to snuggle, nuzzle and cuddle. WOOF and GRRR!!! Bruce prefers younger Biker types. Guess he likes the bad boy types.

Had Several piercings at one point. I still have my Septum. Use to have my Nipples and Ears pierced, but they merged, got infected, and developed scars. I had to take them out. I had surgery on them to repair the scar-slits. I might try to pierce them or some of them again one day. Tattooed From Shoulder To Wrist Area On Both Arms and on my Chest and Back too. I Pretty Much Have Sleeves Now!

Have my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts emphasizing in Photography and Graphic Design; I like Traveling, Spending Time With Friends And Family, Working Out At The Gym, Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque, And Medieval Cultures), Paganism, Some Christian Beliefs, Yule, Tarot And Runes, Alchemy And Mysticism, Celtic Norse Mythology, Shamanism And Wicca, Native American Culture, Scandinavian Culture, Asian Culture, Knives, Guns, Leather Attire, Authentic Gothic, Pagan, And Renaissance Clothing/Jewelry (No Hot Topic Garbage!), Motorcycles And Bikers, Jewelry, Tattoos and Body Art Piercings, Going To Concerts And Shows, Renaissance Faires, Tattoo Conventions, Art And Food Festivals, Fantasy Art And Books.

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