Jeff in Los Angeles, California

Height:5'7" - 170cm
Weight:160# - 73kg
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Brown
Hair type:Straight
Hair length:Falling on shoulders
Sexually attracted:To men in general
Primary sexual interest:  cuddling, body contact, kissing, mutual oral.
Relationship status:Single

Totally non-scene, d/d free, fit, 5'7', 160#, in Los Angeles looking to connect with similar for safe hot fun, mutual enjoyment, quiet evenings which include kissing, cuddling, body contact, mutual oral, sharing a shower/jacuzzi. Open to dinners out, dating, whatever the chemistry allow for.

My hair isn't that long - around shoulder length and I've been told I should cut it to increase my chances to connect in the gay world. I so don't get it as I think it works for me. Great that this is a place where having long hair is a plus. You may contact me through this page Hope to see your face, etc. pics as well. Thanks.

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