Gordon E Peterson II

Gordon E Peterson II in Dallas, Texas

Height:5'7" - 170cm
Weight:230# - 105kg
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Graying
Hair type:Wavy
Hair length:Lower back
Sexually attracted:Primarily to longhaired men
Primary sexual interest:  varies, but tend to do safe, non-penetrative, sensual pleasure-oriented stuff
Relationship status:In an open relationship
Personal website:http://personal.terabites.com

There's a lot about me on my Web site, so start there. If you're interested, feel free to drop me an E-mail at gep2@terabites.com.

Look for me (and partner Clayton, and fellow roommate Jim) in the audience for the third season, starting to air in September 2005, of the courtroom reality television show 'Eye for an Eye' (think a wild combination of Judge Judy, Jerry Springer, and Fear Factor all thrown together into a blender...), Clayton and I should appear in something like 22 episodes. :-)

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