Bobby in Surprise, Arizona

Height:6'1" - 185cm
Weight:250+# - 114+kg
Eye color:Hazel
Hair color:Black
Hair type:Straight
Hair length:Lower back
Sexually attracted:To men in general
Primary sexual interest:  like fun naked outdoors if your have a place tha tis very private.
Relationship status:Single

I'm white 52 years old chub with lng hair and deaf(hearing ijmpaired) can tal very well and use ASL (american sign language) in communications .....i'm also nudist and love naked outdoors an dindoors too i'm always looking for friendships iwth fuk buddies and have some fun if he likes i'm very GAY and have no desires for women (nothing person) if there are bi men who likes to be with men more than women then its ok with me i'm always looking for gay one on one and gay couples (2 men ) like to e hteir third if happens any gay bikers out there ? ga husky muscular chub out there ? gay cowboys ? also i like deeper sex too if we talk in private and if u 're a open minded guy like i like conversations to talk about things in Sex life know hat imean anyways hit me up if interests ? naked wrm frienldy hugz + lickz .....bobby i am looking for LOCALLY GUY WHO LIVES NEARBY OR CLOSER TO ME in SURPRISE, ARIZONA.

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