David and Scott

David and Scott in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Height:6'1" - 185cm
Weight:200# - 91kg
Eye color:Hazel
Hair color:Blond
Hair type:Wavy
Hair length:Shoulderblade length
Sexually attracted:To men in general
Primary sexual interest:  Already partnered and happy--but if the chemistry is right........
Relationship status:In a monogamous relationship but seeking friends

We should mention here that when we say meeting with other bros, we mean that literally. If you are looking primarily for a quick hook-up, (and that has been our experience with a lot of folks and more power to ‘em) you can save time by moving on to the next ad. We live in the woods about an hour east of Pittsburgh. We are a contented family but feel the lack of community with other gay and lesbian friends.

Scott's stats are shown above. David is 5’8”, 220#, salt n’ pepper hair and beard, hair below shoulder blades.

We have a strong passion for the outdoors. We enjoy hiking and tent camping. Scott is into caving and climbing. We have a seasonal site at Roseland gay campground in northwestern WV [www.RoselandWV.com] One of our favorite pastimes is to sit around a roaring campfire with our friends and a few brews. We’re into naturism, wildlife and enjoy ‘nature’ hikes whenever we get a chance. We also enjoy traveling and visiting other gay campgrounds along the east coast such as Hillside, Jones Pond, The Woods, Long Fork and River’s Edge. We’ve been getting more into the concert circuit—and enjoy a wide range of music—from Bruce Hornsby, to MCC, to the B-52’s, to Mahler, to the Prairie Home Companion.

We also have strong interests in Mother Nature (Scott is a geologist) and the Deaf community (David is an interpreter). David has been raising orchids for over 20 years and is an avid reader. Scott enjoys working on the house and is active in our community’s volunteer ambulance/rescue service.

Politically, we’re pretty well left of center. This past year’s elections have motivated us to become more politically active (if we don’t emigrate to a more gay-friendly country first…).

Being in rural Pennsylvania, there are very few gays near us who are interested in socializing (dinner, movies, day hikes). We’ve tried the usual Yahoo Groups and other sites looking for like-minded guys—but wind up with the usual “I’m only here for a quickie” responses. We are not buffed or model material and have a limited tolerance for bars-about 2-3 hours, max, so the normal gay avenues for hanging out with others have been a tad frustrating at times. We both have a fairly warped sense of humor and our DVD collection features a lot of John Waters and Christopher Guest types of material (and Scotty is a big Star Trek/sci-fi fan). So we still hope to connect with some other similar-minded bros for camping or dinner or a movie or…whatever.

This is getting way too long, but if you have read this far (congratulations for sticking around!), you may want to drop us a line, and we can talk more


David and Scott

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