Blackwingbear in Atlanta, Georgia

Height:5'10" - 178cm
Weight:140# - 64kg
Eye color:Blue
Hair color:Red
Hair type:Wavy
Hair length:Shoulderblade length
Sexually attracted:To men in general
Primary sexual interest:  Versatile wild-pig
Relationship status:In an open relationship
Personal website:

I'm a androphile, and have been known to be a free-spirit, and a wild-one. I've been told by some people I'm a sweet guy with a good heart + MANY have said I'm an asshole (usually AFTER they get to know me and find out I'm not what their presumptions and assumptions told them I was or I was not willing to let them try to 'mold me into Mr. Right' - and some of them simply ran across me before I have my coffee in the morning. That side of me would make da baby Jesus cry..) I'm 40, 5'10', 185 lbs, Long red hair + red beard, tattoos... My hubby is 59, 5'5', 190 lbs., bald on top, bearded, covered in fur..... We play together or separate, no jealousy issues..

NOT really into hard-drugs, piss-play, cyber-sex or phone-sex, scat, S+M, humiliation, pain, blood, violence, torture, forced-sex ('pushy bottoms' need not apply) or anything mean-spirited or even NEAR it - different strokes for different folks rules the world but I have no desire to hurt anyone or be hurt by anyone inside or outside of the bedroom! I guess that makes me a weirdo.. My 'scene' happens to involve rolling a 20-sided dice or going to ROCKY HORROR.

What's my 'type'?I don't really care so much about physical appearance (every 'body-type' is attractive in it's own way) as long as you have a brain, a heart, and a personality - a healthy libido is an added plus. What's in your soul matters more to me than the size of your dick - in fact, that doesn't matter at all. Yes, I have a dick- I also happen to have a brain in my skull. Propulsion-Mathematics, Space/Time Theory and Quantum-Physics turn me on more than a porn-flick.

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