Bradley in Montreal, Quebec

Height:6'1" - 185cm
Weight:210# - 95kg
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Brown
Hair type:Curly
Hair length:Mid-back
Sexually attracted:To men in general
Primary sexual interest:  top,versatile, cuddling, deep kissing,masage frotage
Relationship status:Single

I'm happy to discover this site and all the other creative men here. I am visual artist,a multi media artist, a painter sculptor and studied in theater and design, carpentry photography film making, cooking are a few of my many interests. I grew up in the shadow of the Rocky mountains and its many lakes so have a great love of nature and the out doors and am concerned for its conservation.
Now a city dweller, enjoying the parks museums and cultural activitities.
Music and art and comedy festivals all in the mix.
Painting and drawing and learning new computer aplications keep me busy, the best time is spent with a few close friends and meeting new people.
Hey we are all spiritual beings finding our own paths, roads and syncronisities.

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