Conrad in Pahoa, Hawaii

Height:5'11" - 180cm
Weight:210# - 95kg
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Gray
Hair type:Wavy
Hair length:Mid-back
Sexually attracted:To men in general
Primary sexual interest:  versatile, oral, anal, cum lover, kissing, touching, nipple play, all eroticism
Relationship status:In an open relationship
Personal website:

My partner and I work our clothing optional land and are finishing building our home and B+B room here in Hawaii.
Our lives are dedicated to friends, family and nudism. If we are home we are naked.
I would like to meet gay men who are honest, real and good. Sense of humor is a plus. Prefer nudists but won't hold it against you if you are clothed.

Interest are reading,videos(netflicks),gardening,raising chickens (need eggs?),and building and remodeling.
We live 5 miles from nude beach,snorkeling,warm ponds, natural steam vents and 2 miles and hour hike to active volcano.

Have an open relationship so I/we are looking for sexual buddies as well. I love men's body parts equal or more than I love chocolate. And I love chocolate more than life itself. I enjoy sharing pics. and am rarely on yahooIM Punaman1 and webcam sometimes, email

Enjoy having nudist men visit us on Big Island Hawaii. Can be naked your entire stay and enjoy the tropical setting in the buff. Very open positive sexual atmosphere. Can go around hard, masturbate openly, sex anywhere as long as no pressure on any one. Let your hair down and go native with us.

Also looking for someone to share property and chores. Could be long vacation or permanent position. Non drug/smoker. No potheads, cigarette smokers or heavy drinkers.

Enough already wanna know anything about me just ask me. Mahalo(thanks) AND ALOHA

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