Charles in Warrenton, Missouri

Height:6'2" - 188cm
Weight:250+# - 114+kg
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Gray
Hair type:Curly
Hair length:Falling on shoulders
Sexually attracted:To men in general
Primary sexual interest:  versatile, kissing, hugging, rimming, foreplay,
Relationship status:Single

I am searching for a man that is of familier charactereists and about the same age or perhaps younger. I am into all sorts of gay atttivies as long as it does not involve pain, skat, piss. I don't use any kind of external devise to cause for ejaculation. I love a good blow job and give one and am good at it.

I am kind of a loner but that can change. I may appear to 'standoffis', sorry just be cautions. I am not a sugar daddy but I am cofortable, in my retirment.

I enjoy a good, time with other with or with out clothes on. I am not a nudist but like being nude with others. I enjoy a good night our on in. I do not drink as I am a friend of Bill's but you may and want others to comfortabe with that. I do like computers, time at home or out. I like music but mostly classical type (all areas) but listen to all. Jazz is good too. I do enjoy the company of others in an out of the home setting. I go only to the bears a couple times a year. I am not comfortable with that ambiance. I like a good crossword puzzle.

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