Caledonian in Ashevlle, North Carolina

Height:6'9" - 206cm
Weight:180# - 82kg
Eye color:Hazel
Hair color:Graying
Hair type:Wavy
Hair length:Falling on shoulders
Sexually attracted:To men in general
Primary sexual interest:  Versitle and comprehensive with right person.
Relationship status:Single

I have had a 14 year relationship with a sligtly younger, beautiful, man who I met one year after coming home to NC, but realize he is not growing, and I want to meet someone open to the future, and not afraid of adventure, and willing to grow. I take relationships seriously; put fidelity and honesty above monogamy. Chronologically I am 73, but neither feel or look it; mentally and psychologically I am much younger, if grown up, and healtjy besides. I have hearing deficit and wear aids, but sometimes it is better not to hear so well. A native North Carolinian, living away 40 +/- years mostly in NYC, and returning for family reasons in 1993, not looking back. Tom Wolfe was wrong on this point. I still work a little as a clinical psychologist, but not so much that I cannot travel, and have seen most of the world. Still a few exotic places on my list. Who would like to go to Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Burma, Japan, and North Dakota? I am an active Democrat because their is no practical party more liberal, but hope to get the party to wake up and be more creative in leading our great country. I have a wonderful home and garden, like to cook and eat out, and value entertaining friends who are able to talk about something more important than the weather. I have a 9 year old border collie mut named Maxwell McDog.

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