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Aaron in Woodbridge, Virginia
38, just discovered this site, excited to make
contacts.........pretty easy going and laid
back *all are welcome to say hi. take care.
Actcross in New York City, New York
Love life and all positive things in it!
Akiva in Jerusalem, Israel
55 year old Bear -- Programmer and Typesetter -- but my real love is the outdoors. Eclectic taste in music and films.
Al in San Diego, California
My hair seems to have reached terminal length. Although I've
been letting in grow for a couple of years, it doesn't seem to be
getting any longer.
Antonio Ranger in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
my name is antonio , Im 21 years old and
I like long hair men (top), I speak spanish.
Arild in Oslo, Norway
Tall blond Norwegian Viking :-)
Arthur in Toronto, Ontario
Enjoying the web board,
corresponding, making new friends.
Benj. S. in Seattle, Washington
I enjoy languages, reading, swimming, graphic design, travel,
going out with friends. I have a sardonic sense of humor with
plenty of obscure references, patience of a saint, common sense.
Bill in San Francisco, California
A hippie guy who enjoys hiking, travel,
and hanging with other longhairs.
Blackwingbear in Atlanta, Georgia
Namaste! I'm a brutally-honest, stubborn + opinionated sarcastic
poz 33-year old smart-ass (5'10'/150lbs) always 'wookin' pah nub
in all duh wong paces' looking for a deeply loving relationship.
Blond 69 in Durham, United Kingdom
a long haired guy looking for his prince charming to come and
sweep me off my feet, I love romance and affection and give as
much as I get. Nothing better than snuggling up with a nice guy.
Bob in Stickney, Illinois
Just a long haired POZ bear that is attracted to other long haired
men/bears, hippies, bikers, etc. 46 y/o, furry all over, 6 tats.
Bob in Dallas, Texas
Long-Haired, Long-Bearded Guy Seeking
To Meet Interesting Individuals.
Bobby in Surprise, Arizona
I'm a 52 year old chub with long black hair and am deaf(hearing
impaired) can talk very well and do use ASL(american sign
language). Like to find me local guys who have long hair.
Bonner in Bremerton, Washington
hey you guys...I'm just a longhaired KWEER bear type living
in Western Washington hour's ferry ride west of
Seattle. I'm Poz but completely healthy here. No meds even.
Bradley in Montreal, Quebec
I'm happy to discover this site and all the other creative men here. I am visual artist,a multi media artist, a painter sculptor and studied in theater and design, carpentry photography film making,
Brian in Chicago, Illinois
Hey all. Am 26, 6'6, 180 lbs with grn eyes and blonde hair.
Marathon runner / forensic psychologist. Pretty laid back
and not shy---you want to know something, ask
Bro Duke, Rat in Santa Rosa, California
Two longhaired bearded bikers looking
for others who don't own a razor
Caledonian in Ashevlle, North Carolina
Picture is a year old, as I canot find more recent on web.
Recently single. Ready to meet another long time intimate
Cem in Australia
A longhaired Aussie 'down-under' - enjoying life, no
matter what it chucks at me ... drinking it all in ...
Charles in Warrenton, Missouri
I am an 78 year old, long, grey haired. I am interested in communicating with others about the same age or somewhat younger. I am interested in computers, reading, walking, puzzles, men about my age
Clayton in Dallas, Texas
Longhaired guy into renaissance faires.
Enjoys doing a pirate, barbarian, and minotaur.
Coloradobear in Denver, Colorado
50 y/o hairy bearded guy.
Conrad in Pahoa, Hawaii
Friendly gay nudist looking for more gay nudists.
Open relationship w/ partner (also a longhair nudist).
Dabear8 in Dallas, Texas
Long-hair, long-beard bear.
Daniel in Chicago, Illinois
I respect people until they prove to not deserve it. I don't make
quick decisions and believe a second chance will make up a mind.
I have a Life Mate for almost 31 yrs, in an open relationship.
Daniel O'Neil in Bend, Oregon
Love having long hair, and inspired by you guys to grow the beard
out fully. Into winter sports and meditation, and guys, of course.
Danny in New York, New York
Looking for new friends.
David in West Hollywood, California
'I'm David, from West Hollywood (Los Angeles) California.
I am 6'0' and 155 pounds, long brown hair and blue eyes'
David in Columbia, South Carolina
I am 45 white long hair about 170lbs
5.10 in height live in cola S.C. single
David in Columbia, South Carolina
I am 45 white long hair about 170lbs
5.10 in height live in cola S.C. single
David and Scott in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Two laid-back long-hairs, early 50s. Were both from the
original BROS family. Opportunities to socialize with other
gays-let alone longhairs-in rural PA are far and few.
Dean in Washington, District Of Columbia
Long hair top in DC enjoys more than great sex.
Dmitry in Moscow, Russia
Russian gay poet and philologist,
well into younger longhaired men.
Drew in Chicago, Illinois
Hi there. Just a regular guy here. This pic was taken the other
day on a friend's phone using a rather silly app (I don't actually
have a giant butterfly in my living room *grin*).
Ed in Puebla, Mexico
Something has been missing in my life,
and I think it is some of you guys.
Flippin Gary in Chicago, Illinois
Bearish versatile longhair, 50-ish and happy, like to play in bed
and out with gay/bi men, bi women. Free-lance writer, performer,
tour designer.
Furr in Los Angeles Metro, California
Healthy HIV+ biker computer
geek bear looking for fun.
Glen M. in Royersford, Pennsylvania
I would like to meet other long haired guys!!
Gordon E Peterson II in Dallas, Texas
Computer consultant, loves travel and meeting
and hosting other friendly bearded longhair men.
Grant in Vancouver, British Columbia
Missing my longhair'd brothers.
Hans in Berlin, Germany
Hi everybody! I'd love to build friendship with other longhairs
from all over the world. My hobbies include traveling, landscapes,
culture, reading, music, grateful dead, folk, classical.
Hans in Sitges, Spain
Letting my hair grow again and looking for
friendship with other longhared and bearded guys.
Harold Luv Dogs in Pasadena, California
We (bf-Bill and I) enjoy socializing in all its forms...
especially if it involves nudity, sunshine, and/or water.
Headbaniginhomo in Austin, Texas
single and looking for friends and or a life mate.
J. Steve in Seattle, Washington
'Life's Short ~ Play Naked' will suffice.
Jayce Acevedo in Palm Springs, California
Goodlooking longhaired guy, 53, look much younger,
looking for other cute longhaired guys. Travel often.
Jayk in Erie, Pennsylvania
I'm 22 living in Erie, PA. I'm hoping to
find love, but it's been real slow going...
Jeff in Los Angeles, California
Looking to connect in L.A. area with other guys attracted to my
type, totally d/d free into safe fun, fit, 5'7', 160 pounds,47.
Jeff in Laguna Niguel, California
In to the Tao. meditation and spirituality. Work out 5
times a week. very down to earth and know how to be present
John S. in Kewadin, Michigan
I have a background in analog electronics, the arts and
photography. Enjoy older and newer sci-fi series like
Outer Limits. Also movies and film. Pasties are great too!
John.B in Slough Berkshire, United Kingdom
Working in the Computer industry. I enjoy travel when I can
and meeting people from all over the world. Rounding up stray
longhairs when they arrive at Heathrow!!!
Jonalbear. in Michigan
Northern Michigan longhaired bear. Would love to correspond
with and meet other longhairs from around the globe.
Jonathan in Las Vegas, Nevada
I am a whirlwind of neurotic imbalance and dangerous, bipolar
psychosis, and you are going to be my emotional doormat.
Jordi in Barcelona, Spain
Hi there. I'm a shy guy who likes to make friends around the world.
I'm a bit geek and enjoy sharing good times with my friends.
Juan Maximiliano in Spain
I am Juan Maximiliano,39 years old.Bottom.I live
in Málaga(Spain)West Europe.I am looking for a top
man with long hair and long beard.
Karsten in Upstate New York, New York
Mid 50s, single, and gay ...looking for friends (and that special
someone whom I still have yet to find)...drug, alcohol, and smoke
Ken in SF in San Francisco, California
An Urban Cowboy, I love to rope visiting longhairs
and herd them to our local rainbow cowboy scene. Please
give me a holler for a whirl around the dance floor!
Kenny in Cleveland, Ohio
I enjoy swimming, camping, and camp fires with great friends
and learning about spirituality and different religions.
Kevin C in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
Longhair since 93, just making my way through life.
Kif in Brockville, Ontario
Hey I am here to make new friends and
to connect with other longhair gay men.
Kit in United Kingdom
Irish guy in UK like being around/sex with/worship. long hairs,
cubs, hunks, bikers, beaut. men, goths, sk8ers, nature,paganism,
anarcho-humanism, hippy,liberal, SF/Fa
Kyle in Glasgow, United Kingdom
21 years old, medium height, chubby tummy,
butt and tits. grungy type dress.
Lars - 'Glacier' in Corvallis, Oregon
Just another aging tree hugging biker banging
rocks together, only now I do it for the State…
Lenny S. in Austin, Texas
Just a longhaired jeans and tee
shirt type of guy, extremely shy.
Luke in Washington Dc, Maryland
Bi male of mixed European and Native American descent,
looking for casual hookups in the DC area.
Marty Graw in Seattle, Washington
A longtime longhaired activist who totally digs other men with
longhair!! I live with my wonderful partner who has the most
beautiful longhair I've ever seen!!
Mike in Santa Rosa, California
Old time longhair looking to meet other passionate longhairs.
Mountman in Maylene, Alabama
Single With roommates. Looking for friends.
Nev in Lismore, Australia
Feel like the only one here in Oz. I'll have
to come over to the USA to find me a fella!
New York Dude in Manhattan, New York
NYC rocker dude lookin' for others.
Oney in Honolulu, Hawaii
New to this site, am in awe to see so many HOT long Haired
Guys!!! Am looking to meet new poeple for fun and friendship.
Oren in Arlington, Texas
Long haired, long bearded guy who enjoys DIY
electronics, audio and building synthesizers.
Pasha in Guerneville, California
I am recovering still from a crash... shaved my head after 1/2 life
since parents told me to, next cut = age 64...? maybe I will dread
again when I am in my 60's...
Paul F. in Tacoma, Washington
I'm a nudist who loves to go out on the local rivers in a kayak,
or play in the sand at the sea shore. I've been 'married' to
Tony T.(who used to be a longhair) for about 10+ years.
Phil in Austin, Texas
Personal appearance drone, also RMT. Employed,
clean, bearish, not into drama. Versatile guy.
ProudLonghair in Aichi, Japan
I love you, love some dad.
I'm computer game creator.
Qawiqsaqq in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
I'm 20, love metal music and gaming, and enjoy word and number
puzzles to boot. Have a boyfriend but we're open to polyamory
and most definitely play. ;)
Rhed in Linden, Virginia
I'm just a nurturing and supportive, comprehensively practical,
sometimes intimidating but always peace loving, rational
non-conformist in search of tactile friends and adventures.
River in Rockford, Illinois
Virgo, poet, priest of nothing... But I can also be legendary.
Rob in Boulder, Colorado
Seeking fun friends, and perhaps some cuddly, tender
and gentle guy to share some of life's magic with.
Robear in Ojai, California
Hippy queer pagan artist.
Robin Walden in Arlington, Virginia
I draw the longhaired, erotic art that gets
you guys all hot!..enjoy hearing from fans.
Ron in St. Louis, Missouri
I'm interested in meeting someone that is LTR oriented as I am,
Someone that likes music and arts, Gardening, cactus and walking
my dogs.
Sid in San Antonio, Texas
funny, masculine, rocker attitude, single again.
Sierra in Alaska California Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
I love the outdoors, nature, and mountains! How about you?
Silverthorne in Eugene, Oregon
I am a power bottom into leather, men with long hair.I prefer
hookups with otters who are tall + have a lot of fur.
Steve B in Birmingham, United Kingdom
Tree hugging, pond crossing Hantsbear!
Sugarcane in San Jose, California
Hair farming and barefoot walking
keep me happy!
Swami in Byron Bay, Australia
I look for the divine: in myself, others and the world around me ... I love the sound of running water, the sun, the stars and the miracle of this universe ...
The Dognut in Cambridge-Kitchener, Ontario
Harley biker and truck driver who in a previous life of alien
abduction spent 25 years in software research/development.
Thump in Phoenix, Arizona
58 Y.O Longhaired Hispanic
Male looking for friends.
Tim Stewart in Palmdale, California
Just an average fun-loving guy.
Tom in Markham, Texas
Just your average long haired country fella.
Tony in Cleveland, Ohio
Just your typical longhaired guy in Cleveland, Ohio.
Turfman in Malabar, Florida
I am a long haired dude who wants to be with other
longhaired guys. Men look much better with long hair,
I believe!
Txhern in Cheney, Washington
Freshly out of the closet nudist. I'm an artist (always looking for
models ;) I'm also a student of all things Spiritual/Metaphysical.
Vaughn in Portland, Oregon
Basic Gay hippy happy to still be here.
Vidal Wolf in Sacramento, California
I am a Longhair new to California. I am interested
in long haired guys. Im 35, , average looking sorta
guy with hair down to almost the middle of my back.
Walker in Ontario
I'm 50 year old life-long hippie. I have never imagined myself
with anything other than long hair.
Wayne in Lexington, Kentucky
I am a bottom who loves kissing, body contact, making out, sucking
and getting fucked. I love to be outdoors, cook, garden and enjoy
time with others.
Wetskirt in Carinthia, Austria
What I'm looking for: nice chaps, fellers, men, chommies,
blokes, hombres amigos to be together with, have fun with.
Will aka Stardust in San Francisco, California
Friendly top guy seeking friends or more. Into nonprofit
activism and love languages, travel, film, music, yoga,
hot springs, gardening, and much more.
William in Georgetown, South Carolina
I'm a 39yr old single gay guy here. Attracted to men with long
hair. Looking for fun friends who like to hang out for naked fun.
Wolf in Houston, Texas
Always looking to hookup with
other longhairs in the area.
Wondalgaboy in Adelong, Australia
easy going laid back hippy guy glad to find this
website and would like to see more Aussie guys on here.
Yadgar in Cologne, Germany
Hi shaggy folks - this is a long-haired raytracing
geek with a strong propensity to stargazing and
Afghanistan(!) looking for same-minded soulmates!
YogaBear in San Diego, California
photographer~always looking for longhair models!

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