Akiva in Jerusalem, Israel

Height:6'1" - 185cm
Weight:200# - 91kg
Eye color:Hazel
Hair color:Graying
Hair type:Straight
Hair length:Mid-back
Sexually attracted:Primarily to longhaired men
Primary sexual interest:  
Relationship status:In an open relationship

After years of short hair (but always a long beard) I started growing it out about 3 years ago. (Having my place of work shut down after 25 years might have had something to do with it).

Primarily looking for friends -- but always open to more (so if you are visiting here feel free to be in touch).

My interests are eclectic -- movies (both classic and new -- Casablanca is my favorite movie), TV (mostly Science Fiction, but some comedies, and The Voice, Survivor and Amazing Race are my guilty pleasures). I read when I have the time -- usually either Science Fiction/Fantasy or Religious (especially Eastern).

I love baking and I'm told I'm an excellent cook -- especially recipes involving chilies (I grow my own super-hot chilies).

And I love camping, hiking, and anything involving the water.

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