Aaron in Woodbridge, Virginia

Height:6'0" - 183cm
Weight:190# - 86kg
Eye color:Blue
Hair color:Blond
Hair type:Curly
Hair length:Lower back
Sexually attracted:To men in general
Primary sexual interest:  lol, I play it by ear.
Relationship status:In a monogamous relationship but seeking friends

OK,I am an animal nut. I have a dog noah a neo. mastiff, sugargliders and a grtr. slfr. crst. cockatoo and a number of fish tanks.
I love the ourdoors (in a real way not because it sounds good) and I am happy to sit on the rivers edge and talk and day dream. Most adventures into the woods camping, fishing etc I am always up for. (I have alot of gear) I am not a big fan of percied din a lings or hardcore fetish stuff, girly men, or guys who define themselves by their car, home or income...I do however like inked men. I am not really looking for anything except new friends and shared interest I am up for just about anything sane. I do have a partner of 8 yrs he is ten yrs ynger and has long hair. We are at this point curious to explore options in!
The way of romance and sex. Maybe someone older would be nice. Well I guess I guesS I could go on but, I will stop.
If any of you reading this would like to know more just ask. My email is judasfell@verizon.net or message me on yahoo username judasfell

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