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Posted by Luke (other posts) on January 22, 2016 at 18:09:59:

In Reply to: Re: Longhaired men in gay porn films... posted by Gordon on January 20, 2016 at 09:21:30:

I went to the difficulty of force-downloading the video over Tor
(to protect against trackers and ads) and yeah-those are exceptional
guys. Guys like that are so rare in DC I'm lucky to find someone of
that quality once a year. Two most memorable guys for me in the
past five years were a tall redhead with long curls and a gorgeous
full-blooded Native American guy with tradtional long hai

: SURELY I'm not the only one here to remember a movie with several wonderfully sexy longhaired men (including at least one or two who at least used to be members here!!)... "Rural Erections"... by Altomar... you can Google it (as I did)... I don't know any other gay male porn film that's got so many longhaired, bearded, mature, bearish, uncut, men... what's remarkable about this film is just how many different alternative-type men there are (of many diverse types)... including black/white men scenes... the one type that's notably MISSING here are the young twinks which are so common in all the others. Enjoy. ;-))

: > I just LOVE Google! Look what I found Ken: HOT LONG-HAIRED BLONDES sucking/fucking on a pool table! :-P

: >>> What is the most arousing scene you have seen involving a man with very long hair?

: >> 3) An older porn movie from the '70s, "DUFFY'S TAVERN" has a scene with 2 longhaired blonde dudes sucking each other off on a pool table in a coastal Calif. biker bar. The scene is so smoldering that in many ways this is probably my #1 favorite -- in the end, one of the guys shoots so much cum all over the other guy's face that the silky long hair on both men is insufficient to mop up the mess (although who cares?)!!!!!

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