Longhaired men in gay porn films...

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Posted by Ken in SF (other posts) on January 19, 2016 at 06:54:05:

In Reply to: Most arousing scene? posted by eranwegle on September 11, 2015 at 19:25:38:

: What is the most arousing scene you have seen involving a man with very long hair?

Well, I assume you are talking about scenes in gay porn movies. Since I don't mind confessing to the fact that I've seen a lot of gay porn flicks over the years (and always secretly hoped to see at least one longhaired actor in these films, but rarely ever did), I can probably count the # of times on one hand where an arousing scene involving a gay longhair has left an impression on me... Here's a sparse few that I can remember:
1) "ACE in the HOLE", featuring a handsome & very buff longhaired actor named "Bhodi" (or spelled something like that). I first saw this film in the late '90s or very early 2000s, the above mentioned model being featured on the cover of the video box.
2) By MANE MEN PRODUCTIONS (or a company name similar to that) -- I can't for the life of me remember the name of the film; but a handsome goateed young man with butt-length brown hair named "Dakota" (I think) put on quite a show with a twink-looking blonde (with shoulder-length hair)
3) An older porn movie from the '70s, "DUFFY'S TAVERN" has a scene with 2 longhaired blonde dudes sucking each other off on a pool table in a coastal Calif. biker bar. The scene is so smoldering that in many ways this is probably my #1 favorite -- in the end, one of the guys shoots so much cum all over the other guy's face that the silky long hair on both men is insufficient to mop up the mess (although who cares?)!!!!!
4) Another old gay porn movie from the late '60s or early '70s, "WOMAN'S WORK" (I think that's the name) I only saw once, in a San Francisco adult theatre -- and it's probably too old to have ever made it into VHS or DVD form.
5) if you're looking for more recently-made gay adult movies featuring longhaired models, my suggestion would be to Google "ALTERNADUDES" -- they actually have a fair # of longhaired gay actors to enjoy looking at!

... OK, back to watching LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE now (LOL)....
- Ken

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