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Posted by Gordon (other posts) on August 10, 2015 at 16:21:27:

In Reply to: Re: Been a while... posted by luke on August 10, 2015 at 04:43:39:

> Windows 10? You should be aware of the exceptionally ugly privacy policy Windows is now using allowing collection of almost all data, and turning on all kinds of data collection by default.

I think that most of the talk of those issues are overblown. First, everything you do online is logged somewhere (and probably several somewheres). The NSA, for example (thanks to Shrub's "Patriot" Act) records EVERY e-mail you send and receive, EVERY search you perform, EVERY text message or voice phone call you make or receive, and more. Google logs all your searches, and every site you visit as a result of a link they provide for you. Facebook logs all the sites you visit as a result of any link you find on Facebook, too. All of these are regardless of what OS you're running... Windows (any version), iOS, Android, Linux, or anything else.

If you run any "free" E-mail service (Gmail, Yahoo, or e-mail provided by your ISP) you can bet that those E-mail messages (sent or received) are also being archived by your mail provider (as required by the NSA). (This is the reason why they now provide you with basically unlimited access to your old mails... since they have to keep them ANYHOW for the NSA, it's relatively little hassle to let YOU have access to them, too.)

Especially now that so many malicious attacks are being made online, it's also not inappropriate to note exceptional things that are detected, and report that so that any bugs or holes get fixed or patched as quickly as possible. (That's one of the big problems with Linux... and in fact all non-Windows OSes... their infrastructure for repairing vulnerabilities and bugs is FAR less developed and robust than it is for Windows.)

> You need to turn off the creation of a unique advertising ID,

I'd like to know more about that too, although in the absence of that, advertisers could use (say) your MAC address, which identifies you just about as uniquely.

> automatic uploads to skydrive,

I'm not aware of ANYTHING that gets automatically uploaded to Skydrive.

> password/encryptionkey "backup,"

I'm not aware of any such "feature". Details, please? Are you just talking about "remembering" website login details (which is more about the browser you're using than the OS you're running!), and Chrome (at least) always asks if you want those login details to be remembered.

> ...and especially Cortana, the 2nd worst offender of all.

I personally wish that Cortana used Google search instead of Bing, but (again) you can trust that ALL searches you perform (whether on Bing, or Google, or AltaVista (remember that?) or any other search engine are logged and reported to the NSA. That's true regardless of whether you type them at the keyboard, or verbally using Cortana. (Or Siri on an iPhone, or the equivalent feature on an Android phone... which my friend showed me yesterday... which he pointed out seems JUST like Cortana).

> The worst offender is outright keylogging in at least some versions of Windows 10.

One of the reasons why Windows 10's first release is as solid as it is is because Microsoft has paid such close attention to people's experiences with the pre-release "test" copies they were given to use for evaluation and testing.

> I've used Linux for years, but that's because I do things wioth computers that require heavy-duty security.

The best security features on Windows (and of high-security systems running under Windows) are doubtless every bit as robust and secure as their Linux equivalents.

And if you want to compare credentials, I've been working professionally with computers for 45 years, was the lead developer of a computer manufacturer's Disk Operating System, wrote a multitasking virtual-machine-type package to allow running multiple copies of DOS on the same computer at once, proposed/designed/wrote the system software for the world's first commercially available local area network (which we sold over a billion dollars worth of... see the video(s) on Youtube by searching for Datapoint ARC System), and have worked with Windows professionally for more than 30 years. Over much of that time I've been very involved and proactive with system security.

BTW, people who are interested to learn more about system security and exploits of various kinds would probably be interested to get on the US-CERT mailing list... which provides comprehensive, free, eye-opening listings of security bugs and holes as they have been found.

And finally, one MAJOR new security feature of Windows 10 is that it now installs new security updates quickly and automatically... compared to the optional updates with previous versions, which left far too many machines getting left unpatched for way too long, which resulted in far too many ill-maintained machines being subject to recruitment in "botnets" and such.

>>> Hello everyone! It's been a while...maybe too long! Hehe!

>> Howdy, Kyle! Better late than never, for sure!

>>> How are all you beautiful men doing today? I'm always around to chat if your inclined!

>> Was helping a bear buddy with a variety of computer issues... memory upgrade, move files from his old dead computer to his replacement new machine, upgrade the new one to Windows 10, etc etc. A full, but very satisfying day!

>>> Or cuddle if you like? ;)

>> Sounds great to me!! Ever make it towards Dallas?

>> Gordon

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