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Posted by Ken in SF (other posts) on September 17, 2014 at 23:23:52:

In Reply to: Progress Pic [PIC] posted by Bob on September 05, 2014 at 18:21:33:

I agree with Gordon's comments about terminal length -- if you keep trimming the ends, you'll never really know your ultimate maximum length (although there's nothing at all bad about the blunt-cut look, as it's all a matter of personal preference.

My hair has been around belt-length / top of my butt for at least 3 years now. The only trimming I do is whenever I see individual split ends, I use the "Search & Destroy" approach. My last professional trim was over 3 years ago, when approx. an inch and a half, maybe even as much as 2" was removed off the bottom, which made my hair look like it was ABOVE my belt-line...

Human hair constantly sheds, as well as can break off sometimes. The natural growth process includes a growing phase, then a resting phase, and then lastly it will shed. Individual hairs all over our head are at all different points in this natural cycle. Genetics pre-determine how long our hair can grow before it stops and rests, then sheds (eventually replaced by a brand new hair growing from the scalp, unless of course we have any MPB (Male Pattern Baldness).

GREAT-looking hair, by the way!!

Onward & Downward!
- Ken in San Francisco

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