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Posted by (other posts) on March 20, 2014 at 22:40:50:

In Reply to: Re: the Beard Liberation Front [PIC] posted by Bobby on March 18, 2014 at 00:30:47:

REALLY nice picture, you are very attractive!

: to everyone that includes jonalbear

: i love jonal's beard as always and he is very sexy with his beard and long hair too :-D
: as i have stach with goatee and i love it everyone loves my looks as well

: but some of you including bill is very picking and needs to lern wha tlife is about becuz tha ti spart of growing UP to do in your life tha tinclude Bill too

: grey hair or white hair or all is part of LIFE and it is very sexy on the men that grows it

: hoped someone agrees with me this ?

: until then ENJOY LIFE WHEN YOU CAN ;-)
: naked warm friendly hugz
: Bobby

: by the way just added new picture of me like it ?

: : Bill,
: : I totally agree with you! I am enjoying watching my beard turn gray as I move toward my middle 60s. No objects coming from my direction as I think gray or white beards are sexy and exude masculine maturity!
: : peace,
: : jonalbear

: : :
: : : Truthfully? To me, an older man without facial hair looks more effeminate with each passing year. I'd rather look old and masculine than young and girly. But that's just my own opinion, and individual opinions are what you're asking for. [grin] Mileage here will definitely vary.

: : : Bill [ducking flying tossed objects as I say this]

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