looking effeminate

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Posted by gary (other posts) on March 18, 2014 at 01:21:27:

In Reply to: Re: the Beard Liberation Front posted by Luke on March 18, 2014 at 00:23:42:

in fact, if you think about it, looking like a woman had to be involved in the motivation for introducing this unnatural cultural practice in our species. If you think about the physical changes between homo sapiens and our closest primate relatives, bonobos and chimps, several of the most obvious ones have to do with body hair, facial hair, and head hair. We lost body hair most everyplace, as Desmond Morris correctly points out, and women and Orientals lost it in more places than Caucasian and Negroid men. But think about head hair. No other species has head hair that continues to grow if you don't cut it! WOW! It's uniquely human! Likewise loss of facial hair: women lose it, men don't so it's part of what they call sexual dimorphism. The wiki article on shaving says the first such implements date from about 3000 BC, Bronze Age (early civilization). What would prompt a man to the painful, dangerous, and unnatural practice of scraping the whiskers off his face with a sharp knife? Could be to deny your enemy the chance to grab your beard in hand-to-hand combat. But could also have to do with sexual self presentation. If it's true that man-boy love was the commonest homosexual pattern among primitive hominids, then a man who remains beardless in adulthood can remain a bottom for his bearded middle-aged topman for a longer period. OK, now you can start throwing things. ha ha

: Nothing wrong with a bit "effeminate" as far as I am concerned, hell I am Bi anyway. The appearance cues I like on guys my own age are the same ones I like on younger guys-and the best last a long time

: : Bill,
: : I totally agree with you! I am enjoying watching my beard turn gray as I move toward my middle 60s. No objects coming from my direction as I think gray or white beards are sexy and exude masculine maturity!
: : peace,
: : jonalbear

: : :
: : : Truthfully? To me, an older man without facial hair looks more effeminate with each passing year. I'd rather look old and masculine than young and girly. But that's just my own opinion, and individual opinions are what you're asking for. [grin] Mileage here will definitely vary.

: : : Bill [ducking flying tossed objects as I say this]

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