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Posted by gary (other posts) on March 18, 2014 at 00:53:37:

In Reply to: Re: an elf posted by Luke on March 17, 2014 at 21:59:18:

I'm totally with you on the continuum thing. Binary oppositions exist only in the ideal, for purposes of discussion. In real life, everything is a mix between the extremes.

And yes, he does seem to be a warrior, which relates interestingly to what we were saying about Alexander and Haephestaion, both beardless and great warriors. The wiki article on "shaving" says that Alexander insisted that all his soldiers shave so their beards could not be grabbed in hand-to-hand combat (just like what you were saying the other day about Roman soldiers cutting their long hair).

: Now THAT'S what I especially love in men! I've seen "elvish" men in every possible color from blonde to black to everything in between. Native American/Latino men with long hair are usually elvish looking, even if wearing minimal beards.

: There is also an infinite variety of men in between those folks and "bears." Lots of long haired men styled young but with curly hair and/or a lot of body hair and no beards might fit Tolkien's "half-elven" category. In short this is not a binary but a continuum between two archtypes that can freely mix.

: One final point: the elf in the drawing is a warrior, he defends his people. The Gay community in DC would have a lot less problems if more of us would defend our lands from things like that damned baseball stadium that wiped our SE enclave off the map.

: : also found this on Wikimedia Commmons, a nice elf illustration that shows what Luke is talking about.

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