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Posted by Bill (other posts) on March 17, 2014 at 22:58:07:

In Reply to: the Beard Liberation Front posted by gary on March 17, 2014 at 21:03:21:

Two questions were asked there, the first being what to make of the beard organization. Like most beard organizations, it didn't seem to be particularly assertive about WHY men grow beards, which is what we've been talking about here. I was in the national beard competition in Bend, Oregon a few years ago, for example, and the men there were more interested in beer than in beards. After they got drunk and their beards became soaked in beer, I think half of them didn't know beer and beard were two different words!

What we're delving into is the extent to which hair growth is a part of one's identity, a much deeper connection than it being a convenient-at-the-time fashion statement.

The second question was about beards and graying:

: My own preference would be to have a beard, but every time I grow it in (usually from simple laziness, as I don't enjoy shaving) it's so gray that I end up shaving it off. I want to hold on to a youthful look for a little while longer. GRIN

: So what do y'all think?

Truthfully? To me, an older man without facial hair looks more effeminate with each passing year. I'd rather look old and masculine than young and girly. But that's just my own opinion, and individual opinions are what you're asking for. [grin] Mileage here will definitely vary.

Bill [ducking flying tossed objects as I say this]

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