No beard here, but I'm no yuppie

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Posted by Luke (other posts) on March 17, 2014 at 02:52:06:

In Reply to: Re: Beards or not: ''Bears'' and ''Elves'' two distinct types? posted by Bill on March 17, 2014 at 02:26:44:

As an urban far-left activism, I have had a lot of bad experiences with the true yuppies.

Yuppies I regard as an economic class. In the Gay community they are the guys that pay $2800 a month in rent or mortgage and drive out their poorer neighbors. Here in DC the yuppies on Ridge St were directly responsible for a police crackdown on transgender sex workers at 5th and K st. That was followed by another condo project.

These yuppies make more money in a month than I may go through in several years. They and I may both shave, but I am rarely mistaken for one of them. They have gym (not work) bodies, they wear expensive designer crap, there's a lot more to a yuppie than a shave, just like someone who followed a pacifist path in politics cannot become a soldier with just a haircut.

Even in bathouses I am almost never mistaken for a yuppie despite not having a beard.

In my own look I am deliberately styled young, but somewhat rough. Clothing in general is not comfortable on me due to sensory issues, so I wear it loose and keep it until it wears out and can no longer be repaired. I don't even own any kind of formal clothing. I do shave for the intentionally younger look, but I also do my own hair trimming.

: : I tend to prefer "Elvish" men, with long hair but minimal or no beards. Others prefer lots of facial hair as well. I think among the broader spectrum of long haired men these are two distict types. I think of them as Bears (beared longhairs) and Elves (beardless longhairs)

: Interesting, Luke! I also divide men into two groups, and I probably always have. At various times in my life I'd think of them with different names, but I've finally settled on "yuppies" and "hippies". These were the words I was using when in college and the division for me became very strong. No words I've come up with since have felt as right as those two, so I've slid back to using them. No word you or I settle on for those divisions will be exact in describing this to other people, because they each have their own vision for whatever existing words we pick. Yet, I've concluded the division is very real, we just don't have an exact word for each of the two halves of it.

: An example of "dividing men into two groups" we find in many clothing stores. The stores also are at a loss for words. I've seen some stores call the two groups "men" and "young men", but men of all ages are apt to shop in both sections. One major store calls the two groups "men" and "guys".

: Two factors enter into the visual sorting of the two groups for me, and they are quantity of hair on the head and type of clothing. Clothing roughly parallels what you see in stores, as mentioned above. Hair on the head of course sprouts both from the scalp and from the face. Hair on the face for some reason becomes more important for drawing the line on older men than on younger ones. I remember looking at Dognut's old site (yeah, this is how long I've realized this) and immediately making the distinction between the hundreds of men there. The ages of the men there were shown. Older than age 41 or 42, beards suddenly became of great importance. It was as if, "I am looking at this man and it is not credible that his beard has at his age not grown out yet." Yeah, in effect I was giving a pass to men younger than that.

: The minute I look at a man, I see him as a yuppie or a hippie. This happens just as easily and as fast as I look at someone and determine whether they are male or female. The culling is so strong that I can say I feel like there two sexes of people, but there are three genders of people, not two. This is not as a result of conscious thought. It occurs deep within the subconscious.

: I don't have to say it, for you to know that I am a hippie. Anyone can tell it by looking at me. I identify more with other hippies than I do with other classes of people because of their race, religion, nationality, or other things many other people seem to get into identity conflicts over.

: I don't expect to be surrounded in a world by other people who are all hippies, but I become extremely disinterested in a social situation where there are none. I watch few TV shows, for example, because there simply are no hippies in them at all.

: Bill

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