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Posted by luke (other posts) on March 15, 2014 at 18:37:46:

In Reply to: Re: What about cultural reasons for having SHORT hair posted by flippin Gary on March 15, 2014 at 17:36:27:

Keep in mind, hair to the shoulders or longer will hang below a helmet unless deliberately stuffed inside. The helmet is also a grabbing hazard-but not all fighters in these armies had or could afford helmets. Heavy infantry was well armored, but light skirmishing troops often traded armor for mobility and low cost. Roman skirmishers sometimes wore the top half of a wolf hide over their heads, interestingly enough.

: Very interesting about the Roman military starting the custom of short hair, and both of those explanations sound plausible. Although they wore helmets, which weakens the grabbing-by-the-hair hypothesis. Then again, short hair would keep your head cooler under a helmet in hot weather battle. So here's something interesting: Greek soldiers had pretty long hair. (Coins, probably closest to his actual look, show Alexander the Great with medium length curly hair, and clean shaven.) Between the Greeks and the Romans there was a major sea change on the view of homosexuality. Greek culture accepted bisexuality as the norm: homo on campaign, and you fuck your wife at home. Probly why they liked to go off fighting so often. LOL -- Anyhow, Roman culture, especially the military, came to see homosexuality as a negative, part of their rejection of "Greekness". So is a short-haired military an index of European civilization's turn toward homophobia? And if so, what does that say about the gay buzzcut trend? Is it an attempt to look "manly"? (I think yes.) Does it hide an unspoken self-rejection? Maybe. And then what about Sampson?

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