What about cultural reasons for having SHORT hair

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Posted by Gary (other posts) on March 15, 2014 at 07:09:48:

For a long time it has seemed to me that there's an unusually strong connection between buzzcuts and political/cultural conservatism, something that goes beyond the usual ups and downs of fashion trends. The jarhead look goes with a jarhead cultural type. And then the skinheads came along and took it to an extreme as a counter-cultural movement, while the classic jarhead stays within traditional cultural norms. So how do gays fit into the picture? The most typical look for a mainstream gay man today, once you get beyond your garden variety Ken-dolls, is the buzzcut. When and why did gays take that up? I think the gay flirtation with long hair and men's jewelry was very short-lived. Only at the height of Haight and then boom, gays veered off. The health crisis may have intensified it somehow, but I think it was well-started before that. And it was skinheads that gays followed, stylistically speaking. My belief is that the aggressive posturing of skinheads appeared oddly attractive to mainstream gays, the most probable explanation being that it's an extreme parody of masculinity. And there is something a bit conservative about gay society's trendiness, its submissive following of whatever the fashion gurus say. Standard gays are left-wing on all the PC rainbow issues, but where are they on everything else? Button-down, Ripon Society, Andrew Sullivanites! (And doesn't he have a buzzcut?) Then of course mainstream straight society, always following gays in fashion, followed suit, and now the hunkiest look for a hot male media figure is a shaved head (spoze to be anyhow). Yuck! I wonder how long it will last. Am I full of shit, or is there something to this (bearing in mind the possibility that these two propositions are not mutually exclusive. GRIN) -- flippin' Gary

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