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Posted by Ed in Mexico (other posts) on January 21, 2014 at 04:47:41:

In Reply to: re: new pic/lotr posted by Luke on January 17, 2014 at 19:03:22:

: : Today found me at one of the filming sights of Lord of The Rings. Mt Sunday was the location of Edoras, the Capitol of Rohan. It's a beautiful, wild, and remote location. I couldn't resist letting my hair down and getting "in character" with a prop my guide brought along.

: Those films meant so much to me during the early and mid 2000's. Those were the days when my activist role brought me into intense conflicts over things like the Iraq War. There was a famous "Bush has the Ring" photo that someone published at that time.

: In 2004 I made a ring that a close friend of mine wore on a chain around her neck every step of the march from the DNC in Boston to the RNC in New York that summer. I machined it from a brass fitting in my basement, then I had to bike it 20 miles to the Pentagon in burning summer heat to set the runes, then hammer back over the 14th st Bridge as huge thunderheads rolled in. The next day I was summoned to the bus depot to hand it off. It travelled on foot every step from Boston to New York, then was destroyed inside the RNC itself. The fragments were then returned to me.

: Through all those chaotic years I used the music from those movies in radio shows I produced. I shall never forget those years as long as I shall live.

Thanks for sharing this magic with us. The way to kill gods is to forget their names. Keep the magic alive, it will always serve you even if it doesn't take down the beasts that walk this land. Hope you find an amulet there at Endoras to bring back with you.

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