Re: OMG, it worked -- my first +ntilde; (N/T)!

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Posted by Ed in Mexico (other posts) on September 24, 2013 at 07:12:07:

In Reply to: Re: OMG, it worked -- my first +ntilde; (N/T)! posted by Ed in Mexico on September 24, 2013 at 07:00:50:

: : : OMG Bill, I never meant to wish them many happy "assholes"; but many happy "YEARS" together... although if they both happen to enjoy each other's rear end a lot, then of course I'll wish them BOTH of the above (LOL)!!

: : : OK, let me try out putting the ~ over the letter n here:
: : :
: : : &n~;

: : : Hmmmm, guess this is a good example of how computer-stupid I can be!
: : : - Ken

: : : : : Yo quiero muchos anos de felicidad para los dos de Ustedes, con una vida de salud, y tambien espero que tienes todas cosas buenas para muchas muchas anos! (no se' como escribir ~ con la letra n, pardona me!)

: : : : : - Ken in San Francisco

: : : : Oh, my, Ken! The tilde over the n in ao is the one place in Spanish that you don't want to leave it out! Without the tilde, it means asshole! (Well, maybe you wanted to wish them many happy assholes!)

: : : : Type an ampersand plus 'ntilde' plus a semicolon, like this: to make an on a web page.

: : : : Bill

: As you probably know Ken in S.F., there is a beach south of you, Ao Nuevo, New Year's beach and without the tilde, you will be enjoying the day at New Anus beach. As the old saying goes, careful what you wish for! Glad you not only found out about your mistake and corrected it, you had lots of fun in the process. We learn really fast from these kinds of mistakes. You may know that when you say you are embarazada, you aren't saying you are embarrassed, you are saying you are pregnant, not a good mistake to make on "Ano" Nuevo Beach. On my Mac I can switch keyboards and living in Mexico I seldom switch back to the English. T and tu are you and yours... so here's to you and yours! Ed
: p.s. I'm originally from La Honda and went to High School in Pescadero, and danced my butt off at a club called "The City", North Beach, Montgomery at Broadway in the '70's, learned a lot of "fun" Spanish along the way. Behind La Honda is Mindigo Creek, mendigo is beggar, stingy, tightfisted, mean. To the northeast of S.F. is Putah Creek, puto is man whore, puta is woman whore although there is a word in Miwok that has to do with a grassy creek, so MAYBE it isn't from the Spanish and Mexicans of old California, then again maybe the Spanish speakers had a good laugh when trying to talk to the Miwoks, and even more laughs as the English speakers adopted the names from them. Add another wrinkle and you get the governor Arnold speaking with a German accent in Sacramento, California. Just gets curiouser and curiouser.

When I reread my post on the main message board the showed up as A-o instead of Ao but as I see here, it is typing just fine... oh well, Qu sera, sera.

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