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Posted by Paul F (other posts) on August 05, 2013 at 01:38:56:

A while back, the last time my computer was briefly working, there was a request to update our photos. Since then, it died again with the motherboard going out this time. It got dissasembled into it's component parts (THAT will teach it to crap out on me!) So I'm back on my other half's 1999 Dell computer. The two I've gone through so far were both Hewitt Packards, number three is going to be a Dell because I can't afford an Apple. Long story short, this is the most recent photo taken of me with my grandpa flip up sun glasses on over my bi-focals I now need by law to drive a car. (As if the recedeing hair line and gray beard weren't enough of a hint that I'm getting OLD.) So here it is to let you young'uns in for what's waiting for you down the line as the years add up. Enjoy the time now because before your ready for it, the reflection in the mirror is gonna shock you.

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