looking for gay long haired fuck buddies in suprrise, Az [PIC]

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Posted by Bobby (other posts) on April 07, 2013 at 13:12:11:

hi guyz
i'm a lon ghaired chub guy who lives in surprise, Az.
any bikers around ??
any nudist around ???
any cowboys around ???

any black guyz around ???
any latinos around ????

i just love ot meet long haired guyz who wants to fuck a good nice chub guy that is me hee hee hee

also i love being naked outdoors and do some fun things with guys if theres any who have a home that is very private and big enuff to do like fun things naked car wash or if he's a biker can do naked motorcycle sponge wash or if he's a black guy like interracial fun times naked carwash or having some fun naked
if he's latinos why not same ways if he's not embarrassing of beingnaked outdoors

any ever done anything naked outside like carwash, mototcycle wash or bath like pioneer days used to do ????

if all this is interests to you please hit me up
i love the typs of men as they are husky hairy long haired beefy type to chub types too

oh forgot ot mention i do loved BEARZ woof and cubz too
any of them long haired an dhairiest too also love APEMEN too hee hee hee

then hit me up
naked hugz Until i hear form ya aall


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