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General Longhair Links

Men's Long Hair Hyperboard
It's THE general-community message board
for longhairs!

On Being a Longhair
How to grow, care for, and keep your long hair.
And how longhairs feel about being longhaired!

Resources for Longhairs
Many more links of interest
to longhairs.

Gay Longhair Links

Shaggy's HipFaerie Site
Being gay and longhaired is doubly isolating, and this site
provides connections and support for younger longhairs.

A Showcase for the Artwork of Robin Walden
An artist who features
longhaired men.

Russian Long Hair Gay Club
Profiles of Russian longhairs
(10 of them, last time we looked)

Gay Longhairs On Line

These are listed with the most-heavily-used shown first.
"Messages" are a typical monthly count for personal
messages posted, 3/mo minimum required for listing.

The Yahoo sites will not work well, and may not
work at all, if you have cookies turned off
in the preferences on your web browser.
You will also have to join Yahoo (no charge)
to view or participate in most of them.

Site Focus Messages
Longhaired Male Alliance
longhair men  
Yahoo - Bros On Line General 250
Gay Longhair Bulletin Board (this site) General 75
Yahoo - Pacific NW Gay Bi Longhairs* Washington, Oregon, BC 10
Yahoo - Bi and Gay Longhairs General 3
Queernet - SF Queer Longhairs Northern California 3
Yahoo - SoCal Queer Longhairs Southern California 3

* Group has regular brunches or other meetings.

If your favorite longhair group is not listed, let me know and
I'll add it! Messages must be viewable without charge,
and a majority of messages must be personal.
(not promoting web sites, or containing photos not of the sender)

Gordon Peterson's fine Yahoo groups

Rob's original longhair Yahoo groups

Brownlonghairedmale's Yahoo Group red hot guys/


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