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This page of information will be a lot shorter than it used to be. Most people know how to use Internet web boards now, and most know how to behave on the Internet. If longhaired men regularly invite you back to their houses, you are socialized enough you don't need to hear lots of rules. You know how to behave among adult gay longhaired men as it is. If it turns out you don't, we will just ask you to leave. :-)

If you are a newcomer to the net or the site you may want to see the site technical information. If you are a newcomer to life, you may want to see the old behavior rules. These pages may help you out of a technical fix or help you with gray areas when it comes to posting. Truthfully, most people never read them and don't need to anyhow.

One thing that has changed is that this web board is now an adult space. By that we don't mean it is to be a place of nothing but dirty pictures. Our intent is for it to represent the full rainbow of communication that normally goes on among gay longhaired men. Thus, posting of adult material is okay, and posting of material not the least bit sexual is also okay. Our intent is for our web board to mirror our real lives.

Another change is technical. Before, if you saw a man's name underlined, clicking on it would open your e-mail program to write him. That still works, but we have added something new. If you see his photo in the upper left corner of his message, you can click on it and go to his personal web site. This is a great way to get to know those who post better!

We will address one more matter here because it is our one continuing problem that still needs persistent attention. It is why we have to moderate board posts:

This is gay longhair space

We are a minority. Only one man in 40 or thereabouts has long hair. Even if only 10% of those outside our community are clueless as to what our community is about, that small number will still outnumber us if we allow them to mindlessly post. The reality is that all those people have other places to broadcast their messages, while this is one of the few places we have to celebrate our own culture.

Longhairs are an accepting bunch. We welcome wannabes, "growin' it outs", and admirers into our midst. It is not these people, but rather those who would ignore us and our culture here in our own home, with whom we have concern.

In our old FAQ, we stated that this is not a general gay community bulletin board. That still holds. Posts which appear to have no connection to longhaired gay men any more than to gay men in general will not be accepted. Longhairs do to a large extent have their own culture, and that is what is celebrated here. For our celebration of it to flower, we must ask that others give us our space.

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